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"This soap smells amazing! The packaging was adorable and the soap itself made my skin feel so soft! Highly recommend!"


—Anna Augustine (on the Trans-Falls with oats soap bar)

"I love this soap so much; it looks and smells AMAZING! I love how natural and clean it smells, and it feels so soft while I'm using it while feeling so nice."


—Katrina Nappi (on the Andromeda & Mischievous with oats soap bar)

Thank you for this irreplaceable experience. Transported back in time to medieval fantasies, childhood cheekiness, and sense entwining loveliness. Truly a product I will enjoy using until it is all gone, and then will seek out some more like an addict. I shall try every variety and then attempt to persuade you to invent more. Now there are two delights in my day: my essential cup of English Breakfast and my sense transforming bath.

—Dorcus Sandness (on assorted products including wooden crate and goat soap)

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