Simply Tee Tree is exactly what is says! This soap is made with only the tee tree essential oil. Tee tree is known for being good on dry, ezema skin, skin with acne, it can reduce inflamation, and is good for oily skin as well. 


Goat soap is known for being gentle on sensative skin, rich in vitamins and minerals, and naturally moisturizing. 


Our goat soaps are made with milk from our free-ranged goats, organic coconut oil, and are scented with essential oils. No artificial colorings or scenets are used. 

Simply Tee Tree (Goat Soap)

  • Plain bars are approxtimately 3" long and 3 3/4" wide. 

    Decorative bars are apporxtimately 3" long and 2" wide.

    Made with: Goat Milk, Organic Cocconut oil, Virgin Olive Oil, Lard, and Lye.

    Scented with Tee Tree essential oils from Plant Therapy.