Frankincense and vanilla essential oils are blended in this bar to create a smooth, gently masculine scent almost remenicent of dark acedemia. This soap scent is based off the character Dalton Lefone from from Effie Joe Stock's debut novel, Child of the Dragon Prophecy.


Goat soap is known for being gentle on sensitive skin, rich in vitamins and minerals, and naturally moisturizing. 


Our goat soaps are made with milk from our free-ranged goats, organic coconut oil, and are scented with essential oils. No artificial colorings or scents are used. 

Dalton Lefone (Goat Soap)

  • Plain bars are approxtimately 3" long and 3 3/4" wide. 

    Decorative bars are apporxtimately 3" long and 2" wide.

    Made with: Organic Ccconut oil, Virgin Olive Oil, Lard, and Lye.

    Scented with frankincense and vanilla essential oils from Plant Therapy.