Our soap platters combine the very best of Crafted in Smoke marrying high quality wood and woodburning with all natural goat soap.


Rich red cedar planks have been cut down and sanded until tantalizingly smooth and divits have been sanded into the wood for the soap to rest in. The wood has been treated with polyurethane to seal it tight against water damage, and enhance the striking red of the wood. 


Due to the difference in wood, each plater's exact shape, color, and design will vary. We can ensure that your plater will either be dominatly light, or dark, but nothing more. 


Goat soap is known for being gentle on sensative skin, rich in vitamins and minerals, and naturally moisturizing. 

Our goat soaps are made with milk from our free-ranged goats, organic coconut oil, and are scented with essential oils. No artificial colorings or scenets are used. 

Cedar Soap Platter

  • Treated with polyurethane. 

    Average 6" x 12"