A Collection of Hand Crafted Woodburned Art

What once started out as simple interest in a cheap, Christmas gift—a pyrography pen—has turned into a passion and small business. Here at Crafted in Smoke, we offer unique pieces of art and décor crafted straight from our own hands. 

Pyrography is the special art of using a heated metal pen to burn markings, drawings, and patterns into wood. By adjusting the heat of the pen, the artist can control the type of pen stroke, and the different levels of shading. These techniques can create beautiful pieces of art that are often unique to the wood being used. 

In addition to pyrography art, Crafted in Smoke also sells homemade goat milk soap. 


Goat milk soap is well know for being gentle on sensitive skin, rich in vitamins and minerals, and excellent for moisturizing your skin. The milk use in our soap is obtained from our own small homestead from happy free-ranged goats. We use essential oils from Young Living and Plant Therapy to bring the highest quality scents and health benefits to your home.

With everything from coffee, citrus, seasonal, and bookish scents, we have the soap for you!  


Crafted in Smoke, a budding business in the fall of 2020, wants to bring  these special pieces of hand crafted décor and self-care products to you! Whether it's for your own enjoyment, or a gift to a loved one or friend, Crafted in Smoke offers a unique product for everyone! 

Come check out our shop and purchase your unique home-crafted products today! 


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